Events & Education

Annual Conference and Expo

  • A multi-day conference held in cooperation with government agencies that regulate trade and transportation.
  • The conference includes discussions of problems confronting exporters and importers and proposed solutions from government policymakers.
  • Exhibitors include software vendors, e-commerce companies, brokers, freight forwarders, shippers, attorneys, accounting firms and consultants.

Other Events

  • Regional Conferences and Seminars
  • One-day programs led by industry specialists and government experts.
  • Topics include Customs compliance, supply chain security, international codes and trade agreements, foreign exchange, transportation cost management, government automation programs, financing, essentials of exporting and trade-related legislation.


  • “Roll-up-your-sleeves,” limited-attendance courses.
  • We address operational-level concerns of managers, administrators and staff.
  • Topics include –  documentation, customs entry, freight traffic, broker and trade services coordination, distribution, purchasing and marketing