Vision and Mission

AAEI seeks to achieve tangible benefits for members by promoting efficiency, economy and professionalism in global trade through advocacy, education and communication. For 100 years, AAEI has been the national voice of American business in support of fair and open trade among nations.

We Make Global Trade Happen

AAEI’s expertise in international trade policy, customs matters, and export controls is widely recognized in Washington and other national capitals. AAEI is the only national association dedicated exclusively to representing the interests of both American exporters and importers before U.S. government agencies, Congress, the Trade Community, international organizations, and foreign governments.


Spanning the Spectrum of Global Trade

AAEI’s members include manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of a broad spectrum of products including chemicals, electronics, machinery, footwear, automobiles and automotive parts, food, household consumer goods, toys, specialty items, textiles and apparel, and footwear. Also vital are companies and organizations serving international trade such as carriers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, banks, attorneys, and insurance firms. AAEI’s large and diverse membership base provides it with a high level of credibility among policy makers. As a primary representative of the entire U.S. international trade community, and of both importers and exporters, AAEI is able with particular effectiveness to make the point that trade restrictions and protectionism ultimately injure the world’s largest consumer market and the world’s largest exporter: the United States.

Forging Partnerships

AAEI maintains a close and constructive liaison with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs & Border Protection (CBP), working side-by-side with Customs managers on regulatory and policy initiatives that affect the efficiency and profitability of U.S. companies involved in international trade. AAEI works particularly closely with the Department of Commerce and the USTR. AAEI also monitors and works with the FDA, USDA, ITC, State Department, DOJ, Export-Import Bank, and DOT, as well as other government agencies that have regulatory authority or policy impact over trade across U.S. borders.

Committed to Advancing Good Trade Policies

Because of the breadth of its membership and policy interests, AAEI is often called upon by Congressional committees to offer its technical expertise on policy and regulatory matters involving global commerce, as well as facilitation, compliance, and homeland security. Among the issues on which AAEI has provided input are customs modernization, organization and funding of Customs Border Protection programs and Supply Chain Security. AAEI also closely monitors export-related issues such as U.S. economic sanctions, export controls, intellectual property rights protection, and elimination of foreign barriers to U.S. exports.